It's time to bring the change we want to see in the world.

Who we are

We know that everything starts with ourselves and that we are the protagonists of our lives. For this reason, every day, we work with enthusiasm. And this is the first step in passing it on to others. When we are at ease, it is undoubtedly reflected on the outside.

Our purpose

For us, people are the most precious asset. We dream of more smiles: in ourselves, in our customers and in our customers' customers. This is our company philosophy - and we are proud of it!

Eventorum GROUP

For a decade we have been making enjoyment happen, through 4 lines of business: Byssinum, Abaft Marine, Peqpeq and Decor.

Get to know our business lines

Elegance, exclusivity and sustainability. Designs inspired by the cultural and natural richness of the Mediterranean Sea. Sailing. Living.

International company offering technical solutions and refurbishment of public spaces in the maritime industry for high quality travel.

Global services for the performing and audiovisual arts. We know that in the world of entertainment, adaptability is essential.


Intervene in building a better and healthier future.


Generate solutions where everyone involved feels at ease.


Professionalism, honesty and well-being are key for us.

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Please contact us with any questions, queries or projects you may have. Byssinum, Abaft Marine or Peqpeq.

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