Peqpeq travelled to Paris and participated in the new edition of WORKSPACE EXPO. We tell you about the new scenario in the workspaces.

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At Peqpeq Every day we make progress in what we care about: improving the health and wellbeing of workplaces.

Yes, it is our priority. At Peqpeq, we look for the 1TP3Wellbeingatwork with factors that make for the happiness of professionals, including office design, adaptability and functionality.

With this basic objective in our actions, we participated in the new edition of WORKSPACE EXPO. From the 5th to the 7th of October, our CEO Miguel Tallada and our director Andrea Moreno Brañatravelled to Paris, to be part of Europe's leading annual exhibition for the design, furnishing and layout of workspaces.

This scenario has highlighted the challenges of the past year. The working environment and ways of working have changed. There are new trends in attitude and outlook, a real opportunity for transformation. We tell you about them below:

Individual video call booths with specialised ventilation systems to renew the air and an acoustic system that guarantees privacy from the outside. This soundproofed capsule combines a digital ecosystem with a design #sustainable, #functional and comfortable.

Ergonomic swivel chairs and fitness ball. A perfect combination to ensure the #correct posture during the working day.

???? Modular booths for group meetings that guarantee a minimum of #privacy. Flexible solution to address the idea that creativity and concentration come more easily in informal settings, as opposed to the classic meeting room with a table and chairs around it.

???? Innovative concepts for collaborative workspaces, both in terms of furnishings and technological solutions of #hotdesking (Willem Den Teuling). Hot Desking is an office organisation system that involves the use of a single workstation with multiple workers for different periods of time. An ideal concept for the 30% plus remote workers we have observed in the 2020/2021 period.

Smart desks, with a movement console and sensors that learn the worker's habits and preferences. For example, the desk knows the worker's height and adapts to it and, if it detects that they are sitting or standing for too long, it generates a vibration to change position. These are aspects that improve comfort and motivation.

Undoubtedly, the most important brands at this Expo are GUIALMI, Studiobricks, EVAVAARADESIGN, SBS Silence Business Solutions, Kettal associated with key words such as informalisation, flexibility, innovation and intelligence.

At Peqpeq, we remain committed to incorporating new social, technological and environmental aspirations in the way we manage and lead workspaces, optimising their performance.

If you want to implement in your 1TP3Workingspace one of these #rendsContact us! We are also distributors of 1TP3Healthy real estate.

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