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At Eventorum we love to make people feel at ease. And we know how to do it.

More than a decade ago three partners, who came from different areas of arts and entertainment, joined forces to offer the Marine Industry all aspects of entertainment and leisure. With great enthusiasm, they started with projects ranging from design to commissioning.

Eventorum Entertainment Services is born, from Spain to the world.

Scenography, lighting and costumes were some of the services that became solutions for its clients. This situation gives us the opportunity to be the first company in Europe to offer comprehensive services in this sector.

Gradually, the company gained access to larger projects, and it was essential to accompany the growth of the projects with internal growth. 

New collaborators were added, a 600mts2 warehouse at the Alhendín location and a sewing workshop with 12 machines working full time. 

Likewise, the range of services and products has expanded to include ambience, costume and technical projects, covering more and more areas of the world of entertainment on cruise ships, and catering to all the needs of each client.

Integral equipment for auditoriums, theatres and leisure spaces, structures, large format LED screens, interior design, setting and decoration of parties, costumes, scenery, among others.

Shortly after, Eventorum started working with one of the most important hotel chains in Spain, with more than 90 hotels worldwide and 4.500.000 clients per year.

Grow like trees. And from a seed.

The pandemic came to transform. Eventorum was no exception.

The current business lines Byssinum, Abaft Marine and Peqpeq are born out of a fervent desire to make everyone feel good.


Maintains, designs and decorates yachts and superyachts. An interior design solution for these modern homes on the sea.


It offers technical solutions and refurbishment of public spaces to provide cruise guests with a memorable experience.


It offers consultancy, design and healthy building services with a focus on improving the health and comfort of workspaces. It is also a distributor of office furniture.

Eventorum has recently received a first round of investors and has formed Eventorum Group.

Although we are bigger, we are the same.

As a group, we promote professional work of the highest standard, combined with strong human values such as honesty, sincerity and dedication. All of these are transmitted in the services we provide.

We continue to work towards this. 


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Thank you for letting us be and for making this possible!

Please contact us with any questions, queries or projects you may have. Byssinum, Abaft or Peqpeq.

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