Brands need to evolve. We tell you about ABAFT's 10 years in the maritime industry, its history, its journey. Will you join us?

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Brands need to evolve as our customers' needs evolve and so do we, as a fundamental part of the brand and the society in which we are immersed. 

Undoubtedly, to grow and be relevant, you have to evolve.

We were Eventorum, then Technical Eventorum, today we are Abaft. And Abaft Marine is one of the three business lines that the group has today. Eventorumtogether with Byssinum y Peqpeq.

You can read more about the transition in the following blog entry Eventorum Gorup and a bit of history.

10 years, one story.

Our history in the maritime industry began in 2011. Our goal was to comprehensively develop all aspects of entertainment and show business. 

We could not have imagined that a few years later we would become Europe's leading full-service company in this sector. 

In 2017, with the growth of the company and the entry of a new partner, the brand Eventorum Services SL was born and with it, the business line Technical Eventorum Marine Solutions, specialising in the development and execution of technical projects on cruise ships, both in dry dock and operational. This was our flagship for those years. How do you see it?

Just as human beings have hard and soft skills, so do boats. For this reason, it should be clarified that the work Technical performs does not go through the hard part, i.e. engineering, mechanics, stability. Instead, it offers services in the softer and more visible part of the boats. Some of these solutions are listed below:

  • Design and programming services of lighting for on-board entertainment.
  • Electrical installation and technical equipment of spotlights and stage systems in cruise ship theatres.
  • Stage costumes.
  • Stage cladding.
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of stages.
  • Manufacture and assembly of structures for lighting and spectacular sound.
  • Direct sale and assembly of large format LED screens, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Interior design of leisure spaces on cruise ships. 
  • Wall and floor coverings, furniture.

Then, in 2020, we will also start offering products to comply with the security measures required by the global Covid-19 situation.

Positioned in 2021, we look at our journey. We have grown. It is a special year. We are 10 years old and a first round of investors comes in. The Technical Eventorum business line is transformed into ABAFT, within the Eventorum group.

The name ABAFT comes from the English phrase "...".at the back of or behind the stern"This is an attempt to convey our history and our mission: to be on the lookout for good performance on board.

And here we stop to tell you a little bit about the behind the scenes, about the process behind the choice of the name. You can't imagine the creative process we went through to make this branding decision! The whole team, in a constant process of collaboration, filled the table with proposals, brainstorming and debate. A beautiful process that we recommend to all companies. 

Then came the logo, the colour scheme and the typography. It was also another lively process of research, testing and participation, even with people outside but close to the company to guide us with their opinion.

Finally, the brand identity was born and here we happily present it to you:

Simple, robust, neat and with a play of letters and images that we love! We put a SEXTANT on the A, which is an instrument used to measure angles between two objects such as two points on a coast or a star, to determine latitude. A concept that we reinforce with the colours. Because that is where we like to be, between water and sky.

ABAFT Marine is celebrating.

With the experience gained and always focusing on the satisfaction of our clients, we have expanded the number of services we offer and have carried out refurbishments of public spaces in prestigious cruise companies. 

At Abaft we are proud to be involved in newly acquired, or already built, vessels that require renovation, upgrades or a step up in level, regardless of the size of the vessel. We always have the same purpose: to ensure that our client is happy with the result and their customers enjoy it.

We know that naval work is special and complex, and each public space on the ship requires different needs to be addressed. From the swimming pool to walk safely on teak under the extreme conditions (water corrosion, salt air and humid environment) up to the restaurant or the discotheque for the shared moments of nightlife in compliance with strict international regulations, without neglecting a high quality finish.

At Abaft, we offer a host of solutions that create memorable experiences, not only for cruise passengers and guests, but also for those who run these great ships. That's why we work on board and from anywhere in the world, when the ship is in service or in dry dock. It is our differential, and we are proud of it!

And our customers appreciate that: "Abaft adapts to different time frames and with a level of customisation to be recommended". Yes, our adaptability without interfering with the company's operations, the dynamics of working anywhere in the world and the experience we have in the maritime industry are worth recommending. 

Furthermore, the fact that our projects follow a process from start to finish, and that we guarantee support before, during and after sales, makes us our clients' strategic allies.

We love what we do and we communicate it to you with the results - celebrate this anniversary with us!

We will be communicating the new brand in the CRUISE SHIP INTERIORS EXPOwhere cruise ship design comes to life. An exhibition and conference space that will take place from 1 to 2 December at ExCeL London.

We are very happy and looking forward to this day! We hope you can join us, find our stand with the number 928. You can also ask us for an invitation and we'll see you there. Otherwise, we'll be sharing photos and videos on our social networks - connect with us! 

Web: www.abaftmarine.com

Mail: info@abaftmarine.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abaftmarine/ 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/abaft-marine-projects/

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